Dr. Strangehaze (The Finale)

And yet again, here we are for the Season 3 Finale of Bois & Bar Talk. For episode 20, we drink Dr. Strangehaze by Brewery Legitimus. It’s been another roller coaster ride throughout the season and our beer collection is piling up.

Dr. Strangehaze is a New England style IPA from Brewery Legitimus out of New Hartford, Connecticut. It has an ABV of 6.5% with some classic juicy flavor. According to the can description, Legitimus states the beer has, “A hefty whirlpool addition and generous dry hopping are key to helping the Citra and Mosaic shine. Intense aroma and flavors of tropical citrus will hit you immediately. Brewed with flaked oats for a silky mouthfeel and a beautiful hazy glow”.

You’ll see on UNTAPPD that people generally like it rating it 4 out of 5 stars on average. People say Dr. Strangehaze isn’t that bitter and has a smooth flavor.

How We Rated Dr. Strangehaze

The Bois enjoyed the drink as well. We thought it’s an NEIPA on par with other good ones here in Connecticut. It’s juicy and does have some smooth mouthfeel that they described. We overall would drink one again if we seen it at the package store or at the bar. Very solid but nothing that stands apart from the great beer in Connecticut.

Rob’s Rating: 6.3/10
Kev’s Rating: 6.8/10

Dr. Strangehaze Show Notes

We kick off the show reminding everyone to check out the website Boisandbartalk.com to check out all of our episode posts. We do show notes and ratings for every beer and every episode.

During the episode we gave our usual state of the address for Bois & Bar Talk. We are happy with the progress of the show and appreciate everybody for the support. The last couple years have been phenomenal. Whether you listen, engage with us on social media, or even click on a link, we thank you. We’re going to regroup and brainstorm for some Season 4 improvements. We are always trying to get better!

It was a fast paced episode but we didn’t spend too much time recapping the season. Kev brought up the infamous foot fetish. Do foot doctors have a real passion for feet? Do you have to like feet to become a foot doctor? This brought us to talking about hands right after.

Could you snap your fingers without hitting your palm? Snapping your fingers is actually snapping your palm! Trying this live was mind-blowing to Kev especially and we took a solid minute snapping fingers (or palms). We also talked about correctly posing for photos. Did you ever think about why a picture pose with your arms down looks so bad?

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Thank you once again to everybody who makes this podcast go. We will be back. Much love from Rob and Kev ­čÖé


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