Kevs Weekly Playlist 8/2-8/9

Welcome To My Ear Drums.

I’ve decided to curate a playlist of 10 songs each week. As of late I’ve been slacking I know… I’m sorry :(. This week I decided to just catch up and show ya’ll what I’ve been vibin’ too these past couple weeks.

The playlist features artists like Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Drake, Beyonce, Pop Smoke and more..

Make the playlist yourself on Spotify or follow me on Apple Music @KevClarkHD and take a listen that way! Hope You all enjoy!

DJ Khaled – I Wish You Would (Feat. Kanye West & Rick Ross)

Rob was asking about this song about a week ago and I completely forgot about it. It’s an absolute HEATER and Kanye just does his best Kanye on it. Don’t sleep on Ross verse either!

Listen here.

Fivio Foreign – Big Drip

I don’t remember if I used this in another playlist and I didn’t bother to look because I LOVE this song. Fivi goes crazy and I love the energy on it.

Listen here.

Lil Uzi Vert & Future – Over Your Head

This song just recently dropped and I’m in love with it already. Really makes me anticipate the collab album set to drop soon.

Listen here.

Dj Khaled – POPSTAR (Feat. Drake)

If you haven’t heard it yet, you must live under a rock. Khaled teams up with Drake again to create ANOTHER hit. Drake pops off in the best way and it knocks in the whip!

Listen here.

T.I. – Big Shit Poppin

I have no idea why I started listening to old T.I. but this came up and it brought me back. Just a gritty, shit talking, ego trip song thats also super lit. Brings me back to my Xbox 360 days when life was more simple.

Listen here.

Sheff G – No Suburban Pt. 2

Yes, I’m STILL bumpin’ this shit. Featured in another playlist but I don’t care because this record still SLAPS. If you’re late on it, I feel bad for you.

Listen here.

Pop Smoke – Mood Swings (Feat. Lil Tjay)

This song goes hard, probably in my Top 3 off the new Pop Smoke album. Starts to slow the vibe down but It’s only right introducing the next song.

Listen here.

Dj Khaled – GREECE (Feat. Drake)

Yup, not only did Khaled come with one banger from drizzy. HE GOT TWO! Drake literally floats on this record and I get caught between which record i like better. What ya’ll think?

Listen here.

Young Berg – Sexy Lady

HEY SEXY LADY…. IT WAS NICE TO KNOW YOU!!!!! Yo. This record really makes the Michael J. come out of me. Just a classic R&B song I throw on when I’m feeling it.

Listen here.

Beyonce, Jay Z, & Childish Gambino – MOOD 4 EVA

I discovered this song literally while I was creating this playlist. I heard it and knew it had to go on. Of course Jay has to be on the playlist but he MURDERS his verse on this one. Beyonce talks the most shit! Its a fun song, definitely what I’ll be listening to this week.

Listen here.

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Comment below and tell me what you guys think or any recommendations I should take a listen too! Feel free to make your own playlists and link them in the comments would love to check them out!

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