Kevs Weekly Playlist: Positivity Playlist 6/7-6/13

Welcome To My Ear Drums.

I’ve decided to curate a playlist of 10 songs each week. In light of recent events this week, I wanted to make a playlist of songs that always uplift me when I hear them. In hopes to uplift the many people in pain during this tough time for our country. 

Make the playlist yourself on Spotify or follow me on Apple Music @KevClarkHD and take a listen that way! Hope You all enjoy!

Ooh Ahh – Grits 

This had to be the first song on the playlist. I don’t know anyone who’s not vibin’ to this as soon as the hook drops. Perfect song for a drive to the beach…. 

Listen to this song here.

Can I Live – Jay Z 

I’ve decided I’m putting a Jay Z song on every playlist I make just so y’all know what it is. This is one of my favorite Hov songs of all time. If you’ve never heard it, enjoy! 

Listen to this song here.

Sweetest Girl – Wyclef Jean 

If you know you know. This song, along with the message that it delivers, is sonically beautiful. So beautiful it could put a smile on anyone’s face. FACTS.

Listen to this song here.

Unforgettable – Thomas Rhett 

Not someone I normally listen to but I love this song. Great love song, uplifting vibes, and Tommy boy kills it. 

Listen to this song here.

Money Trees – Kendrick Lamar 

Hard hitting 808’s is really all I need, but as you probably know, Kendrick destroys this song. Along with the help of Jay Rock who finishes this joint off with the perfect verse. 

Listen to this song here.

Up All Night – Drake 

This is one of those songs that brings me to a higher place. With all the Bois together drinking, chillin’ and having a great night. If you don’t like this song you probably don’t have any friends. 

Listen to this song here.

Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Kanye West 

Laaaaaaaa-Laaaa-dada WAIT TILL I GET MY MONEY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Listen to this song here.

Childs Play – Drake 

Child’s Play puts me in a great mood off the rip. I don’t care if it is 8am on a Monday, i’m going off. Unfortunately, now all i want is Fried Mac & Cheese balls from Cheesecake smh.

Listen to this song here.

Stick Talk – Future 

There isn’t another song out that can compete with the energy Future creates on Stick Talk. I can play this anywhere at any time and i’m in full force turn up mode. If Mike’s with me its all set… 

Listen to this song here.

Let’s Chat.

Comment below and tell me what you guys think or any recommendations I should take a listen too! Feel free to make your own playlists and link them in the comments would love to check them out!

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