Kev’s Weekly Playlist 6/21-6/27

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I’ve decided to curate a playlist of 10 songs each week. This week I discovered an artist named Beatking and found his new album “Gangsta Stripper Music 4”. This inspired me to make a playlist of some of my favorite strip club bangers!

The playlist features artists like Tyga, Waka Flocka Flame, Juicy J, Asap Rocky and more! No Jay-Z song this week because i feel like Jay never really took the strip club route.

Make the playlist yourself on Spotify or follow me on Apple Music @KevClarkHD and take a listen that way! Hope You all enjoy!

Beatking (Feat. Queendome Come) – Then Leave

I found this song by searching the trending music on the Apple Music. This was my first time listening to Beatking and I was pleasantly surprised. This album is hilarious, but also actually really solid music. Official stripper music, and thats what inspired me to make this playlist!

Listen here.

Juicy J – Bandz A Make Her Dance

Of course, we have to put the godfather of strip clubs on this playlist, Juicy J. “Bandz” is THE strip club ANTHEM and it’s 100% still played frequently to this day. I can’t think of any other song that deserves the #1 spot for strip club music then this.

Listen here.

Travis Porter – Bring It Back

Following “Bandz” has to be “Bring It Back”. The ultimate twerking song. Ive seen this played at every single show/concert I’ve ever been to. If you’re hosting a twerk competition you HAVE TO PLAY THIS SONG!

Listen here.

Rihanna – Pour It up

Then we go to the Queen of strip clubs, Rihanna. “Pour It Up” is the ultimate drinking and throwing money at the club song. Rihanna absolutely kills this song and not to mention….. the video is crazy.

Listen here.

Waka Flocka Flame (Feat. Roscoe Dash & Wale) – No Hands

Classic. Wale’s verse is unforgettable even 10 years later. Forgot all about Roscoe Dash, I wonder how he’s doing these days. Either way “No Hands” is just an all around great song. A great song to just listen to but even better when turning up at the club.

Listen here.

G – Eazy (Feat. Asap Rocky & Cardi B) – No Limit

IT AINT SAFE IT AINT SAFE. Straight like that. Cardi B did this verse not to long after “Bodak Yellow” FLOODED the game. She goes off. The song overall gets everybody moving and singing along. You can just hear the ones being thrown.

Listen here.

Saweetie – My Type

In 2020 you still have to play this. This is the female anthem of summer 2019. You play this and anyone who’s familiar is BUSTIN IT DOWN. Anywhere, anytime, this song calls for twerking. You’re Welcome.

Listen here.

Tyga – Rack City

Ok, now I might be dating myself back, but this shit still slaps. Tyga is like the prince of strip club music. He does it well. I wanna say this came out in about 2011 and it was a banger. Has to be still relevant in the strip clubs.

Listen here.

Travis Porter (Feat. Tyga) – Ayy Ladies

Travis Porter is back again with “Ayy Ladies”. Another twerking MUST PLAY. If you at a party and you on the AUX, play this record and you’re all set.

Listen here.

T-Pain (Feat. Mike Jones) – I’m In Love With A Stripper

Not a crazy strip club song, but theres no way I could end the playlist without this one! CLASSIC!

Listen here.

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Comment below and tell me what you guys think or any recommendations I should take a listen too! Feel free to make your own playlists and link them in the comments would love to check them out!

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