Kev’s Weekly Playlist 6/14-6/20

Welcome To My Ear Drums.

I’ve decided to curate a playlist of 10 songs each week. This week I discovered a few new songs and started re-playing some old joints I used to listen to a lot. As always the playlist features Jay Z. Also featured are other artists such as Freddie Gibbs, Kehlani, Big Sean and more.

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Drake – Too Much

I randomly got reminded about this song and I forgot how much I love it. The chorus is amazing and the lyrics hit me hard. Nothing Was The Same is a great album but I still cant put it over Take Care.

Listen to this song here.

Kehlani (Feat. Tory Lanez) – Can I

I’ve been to Kehlani’s latest album OD since it released. This is one of my favorites off the album and one of the few songs I really like Tory on. Nice vibe to follow up “Too Much” with.

Listen To This Song here.

Jay Z & Kanye West – Why I Love You

“Why I Love You” is a classic to me. Hov and Kanye going back and forth is what I live for. The production is outta this world and Mr Hudson is an absolute beast. I like this song coming after “Can I” because it’s a deep vibe, but the production is BIG and segues to the next song nicely.

Listen to this song here.

Freddie Gibbs – God Is Perfect

Here we go, the moment I’ve been waiting for. Freddie Gibbs is an absolute MONSTER. His whole album Alfredo slaps. This is my second favorite joint off of the album (the top pick comes later). Now my energy through the roof let’s keep going.

Listen to this song here.

Beam – Unda Armor

I randomly found this song about a month or two ago, forgot about it, remembered it, now it’s on in my car all the time. If you have subs in your car you need to put this one on immediately. Beam floats, now we turnt up!

Listen to this song here.

Big Sean – Moves

Let’s just keep the party bouncing. This song came out a couple years ago but it still slaps. Big Seans ability to ride a beat is unmatched 99% of the game and this is the proof.

Listen to this song here.

Meek Mill – Otherside of America

With the BLM movement, protesting, looting and rioting going on in the country right now. Meek Mill decided to give us his own take in a song. Its actually hard, the beat is crazy and Meek spazzes. Love to see it.

Listen to this song here.

Lil Yachty (Feat. Asap Rocky & Tyler The Creator – T.D.

Tokyo Drift sample is an A+. I mostly like this song for the Asap & Tyler features. They spazz. Dope song overall. I didn’t really listen to the whole album but this song stood out to me and I’ve been rocking to it.

Listen to this song here.

Pop Smoke (Feat. Rowdy Rebel) – Make It Rain


Listen to this song here.

Freddie Gibbs (Feat. Benny The Butcher) – Frank Lucas

This is hands down the hardest record in the streets right now. Alchemist murdered this beat and Freddie revived it and killed it again and Benny The Butcher was the getaway driver. Meanface the whole entire song….

Listen to this song here.

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Comment below and tell me what you guys think or any recommendations I should take a listen too! Feel free to make your own playlists and link them in the comments would love to check them out!

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