Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – Alfredo Album Walkthrough

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist Alfredo Album Cover


Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist released Alfredo on May 29th 2020. I was first introduced too Freddie with his release of Bandana, accompanied by producer MadLib. I loved it and became a fan instantly. His nostalgic sound, cocaine lyrics, and his vast variety of flows over legendary The Alchemist production on Alfredo is exactly what we needed for 2020. 

1985 ***

Freddie starts the album by straight SURFING on a guitar sample for about a minute thirty straight on the intro “1985”. We get about 30 seconds into the album and we have our first cocaine reference, this is exactly what I came for. GANGSTA GIBBS! 

Listen to this song here.

God Is Perfect ****

“God Is Perfect”… is perfect. Gibbs stretches his voice and finds an invisible pocket on this one. He changes his flow seemingly every four bars and each flow takes on a new direction you wouldn’t expect.

Alchemist is a genius for this instrumental. The song ends with a minute long earthy breakdown with a sample of Biz Markie saying “Kane smoked em’”. I really wanna find the source of this sample. I assume Biz is talking about Big Daddy Kane but he never TRULY had beef with anyone. 

Listen to this song here.

Scottie Beam ***

“Scottie Beam” features a verse from Rick Ross and I can’t lie, I love it when Ross just spits. The production screams 2010-2011 Maybach Music but is fine-tuned for 2020. Gibbs has this ability to be able to speak extremely deeply but also talk the most shit in the same verse. From castrating someone in their feelings on instagram, to describing an altercation with the police and being racially profiled. ALL IN THE SAME VERSE. 

Listen to this song here.

Look At Me **

The Alchemist breaks down a sample from a group called The Moments from their song “Look At Me” (I’m In Love). The song is okay at best. Freddie obviously spazzes which is no surprise because he slaughters everything but there isn’t much to it besides the sample. It’s alright. 

Listen to this song here.


Frank Lucas *****

Right after I feel like a song was weak, the artist hits me with something FIRE. “Frank Lucas” has got to be the highlight of the album.

“Fuck Rap Bitch Im Poppin Off Of Poppy Seeds” 

“Frank Lucas” production is out of this world. Mean face >:/, the entire song, start to finish. I could write an entire other blog post just on the bars from this song alone. I love when I discover a new artist by hearing a feature from them first. Benny The Butcher is NICE and he holds his weight next to Gibbs. I didn’t expect to like his verse as much as I do. This is on the top of my playlist. 

Listen to this song here.

Something To Rap About ***

I was never a crazy big Tyler The Creator fan, but the dude is no doubt an absolute genius. “Something To Rap About” is a perfect fit and I love what he did with his time. I expected Tyler to have an outrageous, half on/half off type of flow and he delivered.

I can never complain about Freddie’s rapping ability as it seems to grow with every verse he spits. You would think this soft sample mixed with Gibbs street persona wouldn’t cooperate but it works effortlessly. 

Listen to this song here.

Baby $hit ***

 “Rabbit potty trainin’ every mornin’, ho, I’m cookin’ dope and cleanin’ baby shit” 

“Rabbit”, being the nickname Freddie has given his 1 year old son, makes this line all too literal. He’s taking care of his son while cooking dope. Whether the dope is music or actual DOPE I can’t say, but, ya know, I like the record. Again, Gibbs hits us with multiple flow switches and hard bars and it never gets old.

Listen to this song here.

Babies and Fools ***

Each verse on “Babies and Fools” is a different type of story…….. you love to see it. The production is relaxed with a cool sample but nothing crazy. Obviously the lyrics are the focus of this piece, Gibbs and Conway execute with perfection. The stories vary from women, selling coke, and of course, the come up. 

Listen to this song here.

Skinny Suge ****

Straight BARS. This could be one of my favorite songs on the album. For the first couple listens I recommend you read along to the lyrics because Freddie’s spittin’. He really showcases his storytelling abilities in this one. It’s all about his come up, his sacrifices, and choices he’s made over the years to make it. 

Listen to this song here.

All Glass **

All glass is cool. For the outro I honestly expected better. I appreciate that he just went full bars and no hook but nothing really stuck out at me “bar” wise that would make me go back to listen to it.

Listen to this song here.


Overall Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist Alfredo is really special. Gibbs exercises lyrical genius throughout the entire album, and alongside The Alchemist production Freddie Gibbs puts out another solid album. On my makeshift ranking scale it scores a 64%, which is pretty solid, but I believe it deserves more. Im working on a new ranking system so it can be as thorough as possible.


Kev Clark HD


  • * = Song Sucks
  • ** = Ehhhhh, its fine I guess
  • *** = Iight, Ima fuck wit chu
  • **** = Now we’re cookin’ with gas
  • ***** = I probably lost my mind

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