Welcome to the World of Bois & Bar Talk!

I thought it would a good idea to you know… actually make a welcome post here.

Currently Kev & I are working hard on this new site. We’re building it from the ground up ourselves and we’re pretty excited about it! Yeah, we could have hired somebody to build it but what’s the fun in that? Plus I’m picking up new skills left and right and embracing the challenge.

My goal is to stay productive during quarantine here in Connecticut. I want to come out of this never ending snow day (at least that’s what it feels like) with concrete things accomplished. I started to feel as if I shouldn’t be taking my free time for granted. This led us to take the step to elevate Bois & Bar Talk into something better.

Kev & I mainly used Instagram and Twitter to promote our podcast. You can find us posting one minute clips like this.

This is a great way to engage with you and we love to talk to people on social media. We like having a website for a couple of reasons. First of all, we don’t ONLY want to podcast. We both have an interest in blogging. The new site gives us the ability to write about whatever we want (since we were never good at sticking to a niche). Blogging gives us an exciting new way to express ourselves and compliments the podcast well! Second of all, the site gives you easy accessibility and navigation to anything we create including the podcast. Having a contact form is great too and we would love feedback and your suggestions (including ideas for the show and website)!

We still have some work to do on here. But feel free to check out the About Us tab if you’re new and find out more about how we started doing this whole brand thing in the first place! If you’re interested in checking out the show we put some subscribe buttons on the home page. If you aren’t new you probably already know how much we love you and your support anyway.

Anyways cheers to that.

Stay safe,

Rob Marini

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