5 Juicy CT Beers I Enjoyed In Season 1

As my first blog post I thought I would write about some of my favorite beers that we drank on the show. Some of these drinks were CT based beers that we would pick from our local liquor stores. We decided to wrap up the first season after our 20th episode. I have to admit, I was proud to scroll through the catalogue of episodes all the way back to the first one. We started from spitballing ideas in a basement and turned it into a process that we both love.

  1. Super Double Double Citra – Thomas Hooker Brewing Co

Everything about this beer is bright. The can reminded me of a Scooby Doo van. The lime green and pink artwork caught my eye right away. In a glass, this double IPA looks gold and has a white head. It has the aroma of citrus and tropical fruit. The 8% is masked by the strong juicy taste. For a double IPA, this beer does an amazing job of keeping bitterness from overpowering the taste all the way through. I knew that I loved juicy IPA’s after drinking this one for the first time and can go for one any day.

2. Ice Cream Man – Back East Brewing

This one is an instant classic. A hard to get beer that people wait in lines for. A bar in my town had this on tap and it was empty in just a few hours. In back to back weeks I snagged the last one in different liquor stores. My jaw dropped both times. It definitely lives up to the hype. I remember having a six pack of these at a tailgate and one guy ran up to me asking to buy a can for 10 dollars! One of the smoothest IPA’s I’ve ever had. Citra hop style taste with a murky yellow color. I loved how the grapefruit wasn’t overpowering and it had a slight bitter aftertaste. Similar to Super Double Double Citra, I can drink this beer any day.

3. Thrive – Half Full Brewery

I remember drinking this in the middle of July which was perfect for this juicy New England IPA. I believe it came out in June so we got our hands on it when it was still new. It had a bright green background with rainbow streaks on the can that reminded me of a crayon box. I’ve grown to appreciate cool artwork on cans and began to collect them after this beer. When poured into a glass it had a bright white head with an amber color. It was a smooth tropical taste with hints of cream at a 6.5% ABV.

4. #NOFILTER – Thomas Hooker Brewing Co

Yes, I’m impressed by Thomas Hooker yet I still haven’t made my way to their brewery in Bloomfield. It had a can that reminded me of a Minnesota Vikings uniform sporting purple and gold colors. It was dry-hopped with a big Citra taste. The beer looked bright orange with a white head. This was the first beer that we brought on to the show and we didn’t even establish introductions for the weekly drinks yet. A solid 7% ABV that both tasted and had the scent of an orange. I think the 7% ABV gave this beer a true balance of sweetness and bitterness that made this drink so pleasant.

5. Fowl’D Up – Brass Works Brewing

Probably the least known beer on this list. Brass works is close to home for us (Waterbury) and we had to represent. This New England style IPA boasts six different malts and six different hops on their description. It has plenty of Citra hops so if your juicy drinking style is anything like mine, you know its a safe bet. It had silver can with a funny picture of a guy choking a chicken. We both tasted a bit of dryness on air, and concluded that it tasted like a slightly more mild #NOFILTER. It had an orange look and at 6.5% ABV it proved to be a solid beer near our home turf that we can proudly drink.

Rob Marini

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